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Hello! I´m Pablo



Professional Goals

I would like to address important social issues by putting ideas to test and collaborating with other professionals from diverse backgrounds and disciplines.
I am aligned with companies that bring innovative solutions into reality through an iterative design process that envisions products as interconnected systems.

My Skills

Things I enjoy doing and got good at them

Throughout my education and work experiences I have acquired a number of skills;

I feel confident these can be of great benefit in a design environment.


The art of brainstorming collaboratively

3D modelling

Surface + mechanical

Research and sourcing

Finding out the details and making the right conections

Prototyping and fabrication

Sharp eye for details + hands-on experience of materials and processes


  • 3D printing
  • Technical drawings
  • Fabrication methods
  • Quick prototyping
  • Photo and layout manipulation
  • Colour theory + composition
  • Sketching + hand rendering
  • Soldering + circuit making
  • Solidworks+ Rhino
  • Photoshop+ Illustrator
  • Arduino platform
  • Word+Excel

Language Skills

Moving to Canada expanded my interest for other languages and helped me achieve a level of English that allows me to be completely comfortable speaking with people from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Spanish Native
English Experienced
Italian Basic


Relevant work experience

I have been gaining experience through the following work positions:

Tangible Interaction Inc

Junior Designer

2014 - Current
Tangible Interaction creates sensory installations where people participation is key. Our work taps into some of the most basic human instincts, to play and explore.
Associated Plastics and Supply


Creating a wide variety of custom made plastic products for a wide range of clients. Responsibilities included: Operating the laser cutter, assembling, cutting, sanding, flame polishing, bending, plastics welding.
Pablo Quintero
Fresh Direct Produce Ltd.

Design and Strategy consultant

2013 - 2014
Partnered with produce wholesaler, Fresh Direct Produce, to create a patent pending packaging solution for young Thai coconuts as part of a marketing strategy. Project led by Ashley Kwan
Health Design Lab

Research Assistant

I was invited to join a talented multidisciplinary team to design a portable diagnostics device for rural India; This was a collaborative effort between Emily Carr University and PART at BCIT led by Nancy Paris.
BCIT logo


Some of the institutions I have attended

Emily Carr University of art and Design

Bachelor of Design- Majoring in Industrial Design

2008 - 2013
I developed a fascination for how manufactured products have evolved and enhanced the human experience all around us. I quickly realized the potential influence that we designers can have in every single realm of human creation; I realized the strategic role I am meant to play among interdisciplinary teams for real innovation to happen.
SACI Studio Art Centres Florence

Visual Art + Sustainable design

2011 - 2012
I studied classic art and design while exploring my own practice inspired by Italian culture;

During this time I interned at Studio Ponsi led by architect Andrea Ponsi in order to expand my work place experience.

Ponsi Studio

University of British Columbia

Advanced English Proficiency

2007 - 2008
During this time I learned academic English to be able to pursue a University degree in Canada


This portfolio features a variety of past projects and collaborative work

Feel free to browse my work and get in touch if you are interested in knowing more about a specific project.


Let's Keep In Touch

I´m always looking for side projects and collaborations with other professionals who are motivated to innovate.

Pablo Quintero
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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